Releasing those Great Expectations

263479_560613473956242_2034924104_nI had to completely release my own expectations of how or what I thought Connor should and should not do in all areas, speech and language as well as behaviors. I am not speaking of allowing our children to run wild at all, this is about energy, when we are one with ourselves, in alignment, feeling wonderful, content and joyful, our children sense this. When we are in this state of oneness with all that is and mindful, everything and everyone responds in kind.
When I was chaotic internally, Connor sensed this and responded with chaos, when I was calm internally, Connor responded with calm. When I observed Connor experiencing discomfort and I could ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘know’ I was not feeling discomfort internally, I recognized he was ‘feeling’ discomfort from another source, rather than taking it personally, it is then I am able to become his ‘calm’ within the discomfort. When I become calm and neutral when he is not, he has the ability to follow my lead into a better feeling way of ‘being’ in that moment.

It was as if all I had to do was ‘show up’ in his experience without my own preconceived expectations about what I was supposed to do or what I expected him to do.

Almost as if, he could read my mind and thoughts/intentions because….he could, he could ‘read’ my energy. Once I stopped trying so hard, out of complete exhaustion, so you could say by accident, a now happy accident because I found out how to interact with him, I surrendered because I was so darn tired of trying, suddenly things began to shift.
It turns out, Connor was not only responding, or not, to my actions but my intentions as well. We all have this ability, we have simply forgotten, covering up how we feel with words that often have no true meaning and this wonderful population is here to remind us.
Tracie ~ ♥


  1. It’s interesting that he seems so interconnected emotionally.

  2. He is, we all are. It was because of his lack of language I was able to understand this, I had to move beyond words to interact with him. So often when we speak with one another, we hear someone say one thing but feel from within, something completely different. We can tell what they are saying is, ‘feels’ off to us but their words do not match what we are feeling so we forgo our gut feeling and take their word for it. From my now perspective, I believe this is why this population is here, to remind all of us just how connected we are to each other and to follow our own inner guidance which is that ‘gut’ feeling within, our emotional guidance, our intuition. Love, Tracie

  3. Thank you for your perceptive insights that can apply to all our interactions.

  4. Congratulations! It is my pleasure to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Well deserved! For more information please visit:

    • How lovely, Thank you, we are all in this together!
      My love,

      • Your welcome. Your insights are very helpful to my work with children who have autism disorders.

        Best wishes,

  5. Thank you, that is exactly what I have found, what he teaches through our interaction with autism allows me to overlay his lessons on every of life!

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