What I know for sure

61295_450083038383919_1320520073_nOur children diagnosed with autism are unequivocally from my perspective, amplified human beings, the next step in our evolution within our humanity, THAT is why so many are here at this time.
That is why all of their senses are amplified,

why they cannot handle processed foods, why medications and vaccines have negative or adverse effects on our children. Our children often sense negative emotio
n from their surrounding environment.
Our Connor has taught me so many ‘life lessons’, he taught me through the prism of autism but these lessons apply to ALL of life and I am blessed, over-joyed to have a front row seat!
I do not ask anyone to take my word for it, we will all begin to see their brilliance very soon, if you have not already and I know many of you have!
My love, Tracie

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