Autism, Alzheimers Connection? Hmmmmm

Winter-WindowAs many know who follow my blog, I have a child with autism. He is by far my most profound teacher in this life experience, not just about autism but many of his lessons are ‘life lessons’. It allows me the opportunity to take what I have learned from him and apply them to every area of life. This population diagnosed with autism is SO in my heart as well as another population which captures my heart, my senior friends. I have always been drawn to seniors, I believe it comes from being a child, visiting my grandparents, great-grandparents and great-aunts and uncles. I was so fortunate to have a wonderful elderly population that surrounded me as a young girl full of calm, comforting wisdom.

As an adult I love helping those in the senior neighbors as well as sharing a servants heart with our three children, through meals on wheels as well as volunteering with our local senior center. We have a senior home not far from where we live and they have a population with those with early onset dementia and those with Alzheimer’s. At first I could not understand this connection, I thought my life was going in the direction of solely and quite happily offering hope as well as a positive perspective for those living with autism. As much as I love and adore my role as it has unfolded in all of this, what does dementia and Alzheimer’s have to do with where I thought a career was heading? I believe I am beginning to understand more, I feel compelled to begin sharing and perhaps plant seeds which will begin to cultivate with each person willing to ponder this thought and I fully recognize I too will receive more clarity within as I express my thoughts.

It is my perspective our children diagnosed with autism are a purer form of human being, they ARE a higher, purer vibration. When we observe them you can see they are an amplified human being, they have sensory issues, sounds are magnified, feeling or touch is magnified which is why some do not like to be hugged or held, many have difficulty with foods, whether it is texture or certain additives and why many have adverse effect from vaccines and medications. To these purer souls/beings, our physical bodies are extremely dense, often times difficult to ‘be’ in, partially why we can often observe how different they look as they walk and many cannot often run easily because these dense, heavy bodies feel clumsy to them. When their reality or environment becomes too much for them, we often observe them gazing into the air, ‘checking out’ so to speak, they are from my perspective, hanging out in other dimensions where they are freer from our dense 3-D world: a respite from our dense physical reality us ‘typical’ folks put up with. (Just a heads up, we too are shifting into a higher frequency/vibration as well “^.^”, this population is a bridge for us)

Now for our population of onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, they have typically lived a lot of life, doing what they were told, bypassing or suppressing their inner calling/desires doing what is right by societal standards or living a life, giving and giving, never allowing themselves to ‘BE’ who they were born to be, a “you can rest in Heaven” attitude. (It is also why we often observe some seniors acting a bit grumpy) As we observe them in their dementia/Alzheimer state, their reality ‘slips’ sometimes reverting back to another time in life, they often appear to ‘check out’, they are able, whether we are mindful or aware able to ‘play’ in other dimensions while still in this physical body. Bringing the ‘light’ of who they really are to the earth plane. While they do need a lot of care for daily living, they are offering humanity a gift for BEing here in their physicality and still offering or adding to the light or pure positive energy for all of us, the other side of the ‘bridge’ if you will as we shift into a higher frequency/vibration.

It is my belief we are on the precipice of something great, it will not happen overnight as many thought the “end of our world” would happen on 12/21/12. On the contrary I believe we are at the beginning, the dawn of a golden age and I may not be privy to how it will all unfold in this ‘now’ moment because we get to create it, what I do know is how thrilled I am to be a part of this (we all do which is why we are here at this time of awakening) however little or big, the opportunity to observe this from two sides of life, those on the spectrum of autism, as well as those who have been here for a while, mixing it up, adding to all that is and now their ability to add light to earth while still in their physical bodies and how expansive it feels, it feels big……the possibilities are endless.

I SO look forward to ‘seeing’ how all of this unfolds for all of us, there may be some bumps in the road but I can feel it will be wonderful to behold. TO BE CONTINUED………..”^.^”


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  1. theelectriccane

    Great post. You can learn so much from others if you look hard.

    I find that many people are afraid of me or feel I am not not equal to them. Yesterday I met an extremely patronising Dutch man who said I shouldn’t be partying because I can’t see. A French man tried to tell me similar….. People are quite silly and scared of the unknown.

    Disability and ageing don’t discriminate, though.

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