Which do you choose?

I really appreciate this graphic.
We were never taught our emotions help us to create the life we desire living.
It is truth and it is time to remember and harness our ability to create a lovely life.
We all need to learn this if you are willing and share with our children as well, what a world we will live in because we will all recognize we do not need anyone else to do, have or be different so we can feel better. Once we learn this, embrace this and it becomes etched within our DNA you will recognize your power to direct your own thoughts over your own life.

After learning about what my emotions meant/mean, learning to reach for better feeling thoughts on a daily basis, I went from depression and despair after our precious Connor was diagnosed with autism in 2001, to living a life I love and appreciate every single day. It took me a few years to understand and ‘get it’ but I am proof it can be done.
As you look at this graphic, ask yourself, what emotions do you ‘live in’ or put up with most of the time in your daily life?
Once you determine this, is that what you want within your life? Or would you prefer to live within positive emotions more often? Most people would prefer to be happy more often but are uncertain how. Some are comfortable being in negative emotion more of the time and that is OK as well. We live in a world of free-will, we are so free many can and will choose bondage, retaining old belief patterns they grew up with, imprinted within your DNA of generations past which is why it can be difficult to change and shift but it can be done. (the very awareness that this is the case has just shifted that patterning just a little bit) They continue to choose to live with what they have grown comfortable and content living. We must all recognize they have chosen this and has no bearing on our lives unless we include their way of thinking and being within our life.

We think, believe or have been taught to think it is the job of other people, our government or our children, to be, do or act a certain way so we can feel better, then we can have a good feeling response so we can live a happy life.
That is backwards.
We cannot control anyone else, how anyone acts or behaves and when we do try, we wear ourselves out body and soul. As we try to control another, it may work for a little while but it will never be long-lasting because they were not born to cater to anyone else.
The only person you have full control over is yourself and your own emotions and you do that by appreciating where you are right now and then reaching for better feeling thoughts.
From my personal perspective, I believe this is what the whole 2012 year is about. I believe we have the opportunity to remember or awaken to the powerful beings we are. Not in an attempt to control anyone or anything else but to learn how to create a truly meaningful life we desire. We as a collective have decided this shift is afoot, we are moving into a Golden Age, we have the ability to create the life we want to live with the direction of our thoughts, do we focus upon what is going wrong? What everyone else or the governments injustices are? Or do we focus upon everything with gratitude, creating the life we desire living?

Once again I ask, “Which do you choose?”


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