What makes your child’s eyes light up?

268149_469262669777379_1097955382_nWhat makes your child’s eyes light up?
For Connor, it was certain parts of his movies.
I was told by very well-meaning professionals not to allow him to rewind his VHS movies many years ago because it was a ‘stim’ and we did not want him to perseverate on this.
Something about this advice did not sit well with me yet I did not know why, who was I to go against the ‘professionals’?
He was safe, it did not cost a thing, he wasn’t hurting himself or anyone else….

I am so glad I listened to my ‘inner guidance’ because as I became ‘curious’ as to why he was doing this, it was actually meaningful to him.
Those parts Connor was rewinding were hysterical, that is why he did it, that is why he was laughing and as he did this, I had a sense that the more he giggled, the happier, more content this child became.

From my perspective, focusing on those things that bring joy into your life is the secret to a blissful life. Focusing on passion, love, happiness more often allows all great things to come to you. Even if you have struggle in an area or two, focus on the positive and do your best not to take score, simply focus upon joy, as you do this the pendulum will shift and resolve areas of struggle.
So, what makes your child happy? What makes YOU happy?
Find those things that creates joy, happiness and contentment and allow and promote those moments of JOY, you never know what it will lead to!

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