It is within you

As parents, there is often a feeling of uncertainty, ‘not knowing’ if we are doing things correctly, there isn’t a handbook or instructions when our children are born.
Because we are often ‘thrown into’ parenting a child with a disability meaning; a choice is not given to the vast majority of us, (thank goodness, I would have missed out on such a magnificent life given a conscious choice to parent this child, brilliant move God) too often we forgo our own knowing, our own intuition, acquiescing what we know to be true for ourselves, our children, our family for what the experts or professionals tell us. Of course a wonderful expert or professional is priceless but not at the expense or possibly removing yourself from decisions completely, believing others must know what is best for your child.
After our first child was born, it was easy to allow my motherly intuition to guide me, to my surprise, as a young woman who wasn’t certain if I wanted to be a mother for so many years, becoming pregnant with our first child, birthing her, nursing her and caring for her, I felt I was born to mother, Alison was so easy to love and adore. I blossomed as a wife and mother, most importantly as a woman, as a human being. With each child I birthed, life became more exquisite as the love grew within our home. Because infants cannot communicate with speech and language we must use our intuition, our inner knowing, our inner awareness as our guide to care for their needs.
When Connor began to regress, my life felt like it was falling apart, my fairytale came crashing down around me as my sweet angelic child, our third baby in three years began to change, regressing in all areas of his growth and being; losing his speech and language once again and there wasn’t a guide for me to understand what was happening, it was my intuition which became my guide once again as autism slipped into the shadows of our life.
This was not as obvious to me in the beginning and continues to be a fine-tuning point for me but I am so glad I have and continue to listen to my intuition, that gut instinct within, more often than not. As Connor and I continue to fine-tune our communication on an intuitive, telepathic level, it allows me to observe, know and become acutely aware, this is the direction humanity is heading. Our children diagnosed with autism, all of these new babies being born in our current now, are on the leading edge of humanity, we are shifting, evolving and it is thrilling. We are becoming more authentic, or at least we must become more authentic if we are to have meaningful interaction with this population diagnosed with autism, they demand authenticity with those they interact with.
WE have the power within to know our children, to know what they need and we do this by how we feel as we act or observe our children. We have the power within to harness the cooperative components of the Universe to create a life we love and desire.
Does it feel good to observe? Go for it.
Does it feel off? Hold back for more information. Everything that comes into our view is only and simply a decision or choice point, is what you are observing wanted or not. If it is wanted, appreciate and focus upon it, if it is unwanted, simply ask yourself what it is you DO want and then focus upon your new-found desire.
My LOVE and appreciation for you, your child and of course my dear friend Shelley Joy, creator of Little Bird You Are Perfect for the inspiration,
Tracie ~ ♥

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