Redefining Fairytale

530327_495583387151420_1525911064_nI can honestly say I thought I was living a fairy tale life before Connor was diagnosed or even had a hint of autism. Before and after his diagnosis, it is true it was nothing like a fairy tale. It was tough, exhausting, defeating…..there are not enough words to describe the depth of my despair BUT I knew if I was going to keep on living this life, I would have to change my approach because I was not about to live a life of sadness and depression. Little by little, I began to shift how I saw/perceived life and autism. It was a constant balancing act, fine-tuning how I responded and reacted…or not to our Connor. I became the observer of this child and guess what?

Life has truly become even more amazing each and every day. It did not happen overnight but it has happened and continues to happen. YOU can find your way as well, that is why I am here speaking to whomever will give my words the opportunity. No matter what we face in life, even though it is something I would never have consciously chosen, perhaps on a spiritual level I knew the potential life had to offer….. That is my hope for you, to find brilliance within your child and perhaps in the process, you will find your own. My love, Tracie ~ ♥ fairytale


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