The Way is in the Heart

blue_heart_shaped_clouds“The way is not in the sky ~
The way is in the heart”
~ Buddha

When Connor was first diagnosed with Autism, I tried everything under the sky to try and “cure” this child.
“When I cure him, he will be better, he will feel better, he will be happy.
If I could just cure him, then I would feel better.
If he would act “normal” I would feel better.
If he would, if he could, if he would just”……
It wasn’t until I turned inward that my answers began to flow to me.
I stopped looking outside of myself to create the change for myself and Connor.
Once I stopped asking and focusing on “curing” Connor life began to swiftly change for the better.
Connor recognized this shift within me and responded in kind.
It was as if he was just waiting for me to surrender so his teachings could begin.

I recognize you want your child to be happy.
I know you want your child to “feel” good.
I recognize “you” want to be happy and feel good.
What if all of those diets, medications, therapies, therapists, doctors, what if the worry and fear stopped….and you understood “you” had to power within you to feel better which in turn allowed your child to feel better?
What if once you begin to shift your perspective about autism, all of those diets, medications and therapies worked even better?
I am not asking you to give up any action for your child, but perhaps a shift in perspective will create more space for your child to blossom.
In such appreciation,
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. I work as a Reiki therapist with girls who have Retts Syndrome, diagnosed as an autism disorder. At first we thought our goal was to stop their hand jiving, a constant hand clasping motion. But one of their mothers told us it was a form of communication and look what great muscle tone in the arms they had as a result. Upon acceptance, now these non verbal girls include me in their jiving, reaching out to touch my face and shoulders.

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