My “Energy” Experiment

heart energyIt is my perspective and belief we are energy, each and every living thing ‘is’ energy, it is not something I once pondered in my life before autism but perhaps this is why this precious child came to me. It is my understanding we have the ability in fully influence our own energy, which is how we create our lives and we have the ability to influence another positively or negatively depending on where they are within their own energy/vibration but we do not have the ability to fully dominate the vibration or energy of another. I have been able to fine-tune this understanding over my years of parenting our son Connor. Whenever Connor has a difficult moment, if I am able I shift into a calm, neutral mode before I interact with him. With practice my ability to shift into a calm and neutral state happens quickly as long as I am having an even keeled day myself. If I have had a rough day, I may not have the ability to shift into a calm, neutral state and I am perfectly OK with that. (I have also learned to be nicer on myself, as we all should, allowing myself those beautifully human moments when needed.) “^.^”

I was in a local store recently, I heard some loud commotion going on as I turned a corner. I instantly recognized the young man and his mom from our interactions at school, he is a few years ahead of our Connor in the Autism program. His mom was visibly upset at his discomfort he was experiencing, doing her best to do what needed to be done so they could exit the store as soon as possible. I have been there and know exactly what this wonderful lady was experiencing.

While everyone in the vicinity began moving as far away as they could from this mom and her son, I took a deep breath, shifted into my calm, neutral state of being I have practiced and walked towards them. I softly said hello to her, lovingly placing my hand gently on her shoulder as our eyes met and then gazed into the eyes of this young man and said hello to him. It felt, it looked, it was as if someone turned the page of a book from a chaotic part of the story, turning the page to a calm part of the story. It felt like a stormy sea suddenly turning calm. I lingered with them speaking calmly about everyday things, about family, school, whatever I could to distract her as well as her son. She paid for her items and as she was leaving she gave me a deep hug with tears in her eyes.

Anyone who parents a child with autism or has had a toddler having a meltdown in the middle of a public place understands the feelings this mother was feeling. It was obvious to me she was having a difficult day as well as her son, they were mirroring one another. Together in that moment, they were unable to find the calm within the storm and yet, with my gentle, aligned influence, we were all able to find it and share a lovely experience together. We all have this ability to find this way of BEing. So often we are in such a hurry we miss out on the most magnificent part of life. I believe our children are here to help remind us of this and when we do not take the time to become mindful, they mirror, magnify or amplify how we are feeling. Practice this way of being, it is my absolute knowing you will not only enhance your own life but everyone you come into contact with.

My love, Tracie


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