What is True Mastery?

23372_10151467392474892_1667557966_nThe true essence of Connor’s Gift to me is my ability to be content, to be happy, to be comfortable through my own accord, without needing him or anyone else to ‘be’ different so I can feel better.

When I am able to move through my day, not needing anyone else to do anything, act a certain way or “Be” the way I need them to be so I can feel better, I have attained true mastery of my own authentic self.
I recognize I am, in that moment in alignment with my spirit or soul, a merging of Tracie in her physical body with my soul essence.

This does not mean once I reach this state, I retain this true mastery in every moment of every day for the rest of my life.
I recognize simply by being beautifully human I either allow myself to live authentically or I am not.
It becomes a beautiful dance recognizing I have this ability to find my own way and when I am not being authentic, I do not panic because I know I can and will find my way there once again.

We all have this ability to live a life of joy no matter what we are observing from another, no matter what the external circumstances are showing us, making the decision to find this balance within is true freedom.
For me, it took birthing this beautiful child more than 13 years ago who was growing up perfectly, hitting all of his milestones on target, regressing at the age of two, diagnosed with autism just before his third birthday and his teachings that have followed since.
Life gives all of us the opportunity to find this true authentic power and a choice point to embrace it or not.
Tracie ~ ♥


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