Stillness Speaks

Connorsbirthday 027“Stillness is the language God speaks, everything else is a bad translation.” ~ Eckart Tolle

Perhaps this is why our children diagnosed with autism either lose language or never have it, so we can become calm and quiet within and learn to interact, feel and know them on a deeper level from within.
The more frustration I felt within, Connor reflected this.
The more frustration Connor felt/showed, I reflected his frustration as well.
When I finally, out of exhaustion, released my frustration I did not have a choice but to turn inward, as I did, within that stillness I began to understand so much more on a level much deeper than I never knew communication existed.

I began to release all of those thoughts, feelings and actions that do not serve me and Connor began to show me a life I had always desired but thought I could only harness by action.
Within that stillness I found my authentic voice.
Tracie ~ ♥



  1. Laurie

    Amen! All people with “disabilities” are truly our teachers, Angels sent to help us ascend.

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