(((( Energy ))))

rainbowpondEnergy; prior to becoming “Connor’s student”, I never thought much about energy, it was something I knew the sun has and gives off, I could feel the warmth on my skin but it was a very limited understanding based upon what I was taught as a young girl and yet now, it is something that consumes my thoughts in the most wonderful ways. I think of it in everything, everywhere and in everyone, I am beginning to see it, beyond our physical senses, within when my eyes are open and when my eyes are closed. We are all energy, what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses, feel with our physical bodies and our emotions are energy.
My interactions with people on a daily basis, as I interact with them, I am beginning to see how our interaction leaves an imprint on our energy fields, I am recognizing it in the moment it happens and yet I have difficulty finding words that accurately express what I witness and I am completely okay with this as well because there is a knowing, an understanding, this too is unfolding perfectly. We are either expressing or receiving loving energy or negative energy, you can tell by the way you feel which you are experiencing in any moment.

More than a decade ago, I would have giggled if someone had told me I would be saying this, writing this, or even thinking about this…..sounds a bit crazy.
In truth, this awareness was something I tried very hard to suppress as a young girl because it was not acceptable, it was not the norm and who, growing up wants to BE different from anyone else? As I suppressed it as a young girl, just like a muscle we no longer use, it atrophies. As I suppressed what I knew to be true, I began to look outside of myself for acceptance, guidance, replacing my own inner guidance with the guidance of others which so many of us do and then we wonder why we are not authentically happy, leading to confusion about what we truly want and desire for ourselves, leaving others out of the equation.

I cannot help but recognize from my own journey I have been on over these incredible 43 years, a perfect juxtaposition of where I have been to where I am going. I now see the perfection of giving birth to a precious, perfectly healthy child, his regression at the age of two and ultimate diagnosis of autism, my depression and despair to becoming the woman I am and whomever I desire becoming. I see the beauty of my own awakening into this understanding of the expression of love we are and perhaps the beauty and brilliance of a divine plan of this child becoming my teacher of my own authenticity. Recognizing the number of children being diagnosed with autism, not seeing this population as “something going wrong” but the perfection of an opportunity for this population to energetically touch the lives of every single person they come into contact with and the magnificent ripple effect on humanity.

We are, without a doubt shifting, changing as a humanity and we get to create or mold the energy of the life we desire living. We have always done this but the “energy” was moving at a slower pace if you will, at this….’time’ although time is not the proper word, the “energy” is very fast-moving. If you observe things as going terribly wrong, you will create a life of things going terribly wrong, if however you observe life as becoming more and more incredible, you will create a life that is magnificent. This is an exciting time to be alive and if you are reading this in our “now” we chose to be alive right now to witness this shift in humanity!

To Be Continued….. My LOVE, Tracie


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