Nice Job Mom!

angry_birds1Tonight, brave one that I am, I played Angry Birds.
Connor, the pro was very excited and wanted to watch.
First time around, Level Failed, Connor giggled.
Second round: I went to the next level.
Connor: “Nice job mom, nice job!”

Connor will be 14 in July, I am uncertain I ever thought I would hear him speak words to me or anyone 12 years ago. About ten years ago I completely released my need, desire, want for him to speak. I became completely OK with allowing him to just “Be” Connor and this child continues to amaze me every single day.
(certainly the human nature of mom creeps in wanting our children to do this and that but for the most part I do my best to release the feeling of needing my children to be, do or act a certain way so mom can feel better, I am in charge of my own feelings, not my children)

I do not know what your child has planned, it is my perspective it is a decision made on a soul level but I do know, as you remove any expectations of your own, shifting into a feeling of wonder and curiosity about who this child is becoming, life can and will be magnificent!
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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