Being Present

gift.ashxSunday, the perfect day of the week to think about being present; think about where your focus is when your week begins….getting the children ready for school, out the door, shuttled back and forth to school, extracurricular activities, homework, dinner, ready for bed, into bed, only to begin once again the following morning. How often are you moving through your day two, three, ten steps or even years ahead of your current moment?

I believe one of the most challenging aspects of parenting is staying in the present moment. I was completely unaware of what “being present” or “being mindful” was until our youngest child Connor was diagnosed with autism. Through trial and error I found his most profound lesson was, “become present in your now”. Stop looking ahead to the next moment, be in this moment, right here, right now.This began a magnificent shift within myself as I found and continue to find balance within my own life experience. We are energetic/vibrational beings, as we “focus” in our now moment, we harness the moment, we make the moment matter and our children notice it. Rather than feeling rushed, they can feel your presence when you are focused in your/their now moment, what a gift. We teach by our example not our words, teach your children presence by being present in your moment. When you find yourself looking too far ahead of the moment, rather than getting upset with yourself, simply remind yourself to take a breath and become present once again.

My love, Tracie


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