Why they are here ~

230702_409125029172785_1792602050_n“Children diagnosed with autism and other energetically sensitive individuals hold information in their DNA that supports humanities movement into each new epoch. Thus they are here in mass now!” as shared by Suzy Miller (Awesomism)

I smiled just this morning when I saw a bumper sticker “1 in 99 too many”
I do appreciate some see autism as something has gone wrong, I do not impose any judgment whatsoever, I simply cannot/do not see it that way.
I recognize fully from within this population as well as other energetically sensitive children, those diagnosed with Aspergers, ADD, ADHD and other ‘differences’ that may cause a parent to seek out a diagnosis are here for a profound purpose, we are shifting as a humanity and they are part of our evolution. I am recognizing how much I often feel as though I am becoming more like our son Connor.
Many are beginning to focus upon what truly matters in life, what makes their hearts happy, leaving behind the drama that no longer feels good.
Tracie ~ ♥


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