Joy~Filled Intention for Life

603070_600605723289466_2067179109_nIt is my intention to live a positive life; a life I fill with thoughts and actions that feel wonderful and blissful most of the time.
I do not need to be happy, happy, happy all the time but I strive to be content the majority of the time.
I now recognize if I were happy all the time I would become bored and desire things to be stirred up a bit, sounds strange but true. When we have a moment or even a day that does not go as planned, I recognize everything is in perfect order. I did not always see it this way and in truth there are days when I forget I love expansion when I am in the middle of discomfort or downright grumpy. A joy-filled life has become my intention for the past decade, prior to my 30’s, I thought I had to take what life dished out, I, like the vast majority on planet earth had no idea I had the ability to direct my thoughts. To reach for better feeling thoughts and with dedication, too strong of a word, with focus, I have been able to live and shift my life from one of despair and depression a decade ago, where death sounded better than living, to one that is truly joy-filled, blissful, happy, content and shout from the rooftops, “If I can do it, everyone can!”

Today was a day I spent with those whom I hold near and dear to my heart, purposefully, joyfully and it was glorious.
Not only was the day perfect, a lovely 70 degrees, sunny and warm in the sun, it was almost as if I was walking on a cloud all day. A day that was nearly perfect in every way, the universe met my every desire.
I do not express this in a “Oh look at how great my life is”, rather for anyone who is willing to listen, to contemplate and understand, we can all create a magnificent life. What I desire is for those who hold the desire to be happier to know with everything within them they can achieve this. There is nothing to buy, to ask of anyone else, this is all within YOU!
We begin with the desire to live a life that is happy, abundant and blissful. (fill in your own words)
We then look for everything we can to appreciate and adore. (only you know what you appreciate, love and adore)
With each passing day that is filled with gratitude we are one step closer to having our desires fulfilled.
I felt as if the Universe was within me today (it is within all of us we are usually unaware of this) and I could feel the love and joy those in non-physical felt as they peered at life through my eyes and it is my wish every single person could enjoy life as I did today. You have the power within you to fulfill this if you so desire.
Tracie ~ ♥


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