Excited to Witness the Unfolding!

2012-08-21_10-20-58_397Our son Connor will be 14 in July, I can feel, see and know he is going through many changes within, some physiological growth as well as having no desire of growing up, add autism to the mix and this is getting exciting or scary depending on your perspective!

I have such appreciation for how far I have come on my journey, if you follow my blog or pages, you know I went through despair and depression not long after Connor was diagnosed with autism. Last night as I put myself into my bed, I always do my best to appreciate my day, those in my life and find eager anticipation for what is to come. As I do this with my eyes closed, I can feel myself become wrapped if you will in love and appreciation. I can see and feel the movement of energy and it is truly lovely, when I feel that, I know I have reached a wonderful state of appreciation. While in that state of appreciation, I take a subject that doesn’t feel as good and try to move it into a better feeling place. Last night, I chose Connor’s new stage in life. As I pondered what is to come I actually laughed out loud because in the conversation I was having within I heard myself say, “Well, I cannot wait to see how this unfolds!”

How many parents have you ever heard say, “Well, I cannot wait to see how this unfolds” in the midst of discomfort over uncertainty about their child? Me? Never and yet I said it. My friends this is why I do what I do, express how I feel and write the words that pour through me. When I think about my journey as a typical, ordinary girl, daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend, as I contemplate where I was to whom I have become, it boggles my mind because it is like night and day. A true, core paradigm shift within. We all have the ability to make this shift within, to learn to appreciate and embrace life and not only will you benefit magnificently but everyone you come into contact with will benefit as well. This is how we were meant to live life, in eager anticipation for all that is to come!!!

My love, Tracie


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