Be Careful!

25996_585337714825260_924985159_nHow often do our children or anyone for that matter, head out the door and as we say goodbye, we often add, “Be careful!” This is what a good parent says, right? We have heard our parents and every other parent express these well-meaning words. We love and adore our children, we do not wish any harm to come to them, we desire our children to come home safely, unharmed and all in one piece. We often hold the belief, if we tell our children to “Be careful” they will be careful and come home to us safely, as if by saying these well-meaning words it will guarantee their safe return.

It is my intention to live my life authentically, being mindful, empowering myself and then doing my best to empower my children, I am always fine-tuning this concept, learning to dance a beautiful dance of life. It dawned on me one evening as our son was heading out the door, I almost said, “Be careful!” as I always did and in that moment, I cringed and thought, by saying those words what am I setting him up for? Suddenly, those words ‘felt’ fearful, fear based, saying those words felt as though I was instilling fear within him and myself and I could see the ripple effect those words had in that moment. I am also choosing purposefully not to place judgment upon myself or those who have used or continue to use the phrase, be careful, for that too brings about a negative emotion I do not desire perpetuating, simply choosing to go in a different direction, one that feels good and feels as though this is now the direction I choose to take. Rather than saying “Be careful” which I know this young man will do his best to do anyway, I said, “Enjoy yourself!” That made me smile, saying ‘enjoy yourself’ felt like I was setting him up for fun and enjoyment rather than placing fear into his heart.

By expressing a different choice of words and thought, which is filled with and “IS” energy/vibration, I shifted the energy between us. By saying “Enjoy yourself” I was empowering him, that is my desire, to empower and uplift not only my children but each person I have the pleasure of coming in contact with. As well-meaning as ‘be careful’ is, they are fear based words. So once again, it comes down to a choice point, do we desire perpetuating fear, mindlessly repeating what we heard as young children by very well-meaning adults or shifting into a mindful way of BEing, EMPOWERING our children who are born knowing their own power within, their God-given, Source-given awareness that everything is supposed to work out well for them, unless they are told by well-meaning adults that there is something to fear.

My love, Tracie



  1. A fascinating post. I think we’ve all been conditioned to do this, as it was handed down to us in the same way. It’s made me stop and think what positive message I can say instead. Thanks.


  2. We came over to see you! Thanks for having us 🙂

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