Wake with a Grateful Heart

526638_600246286655481_269031258_nAutism showing up in my life experience was the catalyst to shifting my own life from one that did not feel great to a life full of meaning, authenticity, bliss and contentment but each one of us has the ability to shift our own lives for any reason if we simply desire life to BE different. If life is going well, keep doing exactly what you are doing, if however you desire change of any kind, begin appreciating everything that IS going well and watch what happens! ♥

“When Connor was first diagnosed with autism, I did not wake with a grateful heart, I woke with worry, despair and concern, subsequently the day followed with more things to worry about.
I sent out a message of concern within my heart from the moment I woke and received more to worry about in response to my message.

As I began to shift from concern and worry, shifting from negative emotion to more positive feeling emotions that felt better, little by little, life began to respond to the ‘new’ messages I was sending out. The more appreciation I sent out with my thoughts, like a boomerang new experiences began to show up each day.
YOU are the one who can begin this shift within yourself if you so desire, life and your child will begin to respond differently. The proof is in my life and it can be yours as well”…. ♥


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