valentineheartpicsThere are many kinds of love, the love we share with our beloved partner, the love we experience with the birth of our children, the love we share with friends that can make you laugh so hard, no sounds comes out and then there is the love we rarely speak of but is the most powerful which is self-love.

From my perspective at this time, I believe the reason we have come into these physical bodies is for creation, co-creation with others, expansion and to learn self-love, beyond our limiting thoughts and beliefs. This can be challenging because the adults who cared for us may not have mastered self-love and the adults who cared for them never mastered self-love. It is a cycle we are here to break at this time of evolution of humanity and ascension.

It is time for all of us to learn to turn away from being critical of self, from speaking poorly of ourselves and others, judgment of self and others and allowing others to treat us badly as we begin to recognize the power within us. We are, each one of us, magnificent creators of our own life experience, we have simply forgotten. We have forgotten we steer the course of our lives with the direction of our thoughts.

So how do we do this, there are many ways; meditation is one way to quiet your mind, to stop resistant thought, appreciation is another way, being completely grateful for all that is going well within your life and becoming mindful of the thoughts you think predominately. I am finding appreciation of life is becoming completely blissful, I have been appreciating my life, purposefully for many years now but I am taking it a step further. Each night before I go to sleep, I bask, I think of all of the wonderful things I appreciate and this takes me into a rampage of love. As I do this, I witness energy moving, my eyes are closed but I see ‘light’, I feel bliss, it is tangible and this is available to all of us, this is the direction we are heading as a humanity. What if by tuning to the frequency of LOVE, love for ourselves, love for others, love for life….what if the secret to living a successful, blissful life is to BE the LOVE we were born to BE while in our physical bodies?

Life can be so confusing, we desire so many things in our lives, a partner, a job that we are passionate about, not to mention all of those material objects we wish we could have within our lives because we believe they will make us happy. Perhaps I might suggest, by appreciating your life right where you are in this moment, feeling the love within your heart for those you love and adore is the path to the life you so desire…..*Smiling…are you willing to try? Place your hand over your heart and close your eyes, think of those you love and adore for 30 seconds and then see how you feel.



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  1. I truly believe self love is the most important kind of love there is. It is soo much easier to give love to others when you give it to yourself first. šŸ™‚

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