A Journey Back to LOVE

426099_10151314639626864_1023400666_nMore and more fear came up within me with each child I birthed, I wanted with all of my heart to raise wonderful human beings and wondered if I was up for the challenge, when Connor was diagnosed with autism fear turned into despair and depression.
When I came to the awareness I was not about to live my life suffocating in fear and depression I shifted to LOVE.

As I shifted to LOVE life began to move in the direction of joy, happiness, BLISS and contentment. As I began to enjoy these new-found emotions more of the time, answers began coming in ways of helping Connor, our family and living a joy-filled life more of the time.
There is no doubt in my mind the reason this population diagnosed with autism is here to help awaken within us what has long been forgotten within humanity. I believe it is why we are given any challenge within our lives, disability or life-changing, life alerting diagnosis, it is a catalyst to the deep inner shift back to knowing ourselves with great clarity. If you do not get it at first, the voice of God becomes louder and louder in hopes of getting your attention but because of free will, will you heed the call?
Tracie ~ ♥


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