To BE Authentic or Not to Be

554006_427412407341601_1715862638_n“Power struggles illuminate dynamics within you that you must change in order to create authentic power.” ~ Gary Zukav

I LOVE this quote because it brings to the forefront within me, the power struggles we had with our Connor at one time. They could be explosive, he was little, I knew this child would grow into a man and who wants to live with that? I could not see past my own discomfort within.

What I began to recognize is the more authentic I became within, the more authentic I expressed outwardly to Connor, as I did this, those power struggles began to melt away one by one.
This population IS a mirror reflection of their environment, when any discomfort comes up, I always do an internal check within to see if I have some dynamic within me that is being illuminated so that I can release it.
I so love how life is flowing and the awareness I am blessed with when I am willing to be open to it!
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. I think this explains our “negative” experiences and puts them into context. They’re a reminder for us to be more aware of our true nature. Thanks.

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