How do we shift our perspective?

Sun_RaysThis post is in response to a question that was asked on our son’s page due to today’s earlier blog, “In the last 5 years of my life this has been very weighty for me. I like who I used to be better than I who I am now. How do we return to ourselves?” I felt it was important to share my answer with whomever felt the nudge to read it.

One question to ask yourself is what has happened to shift your perspective from who you were to what you are now? Is the answer someone or something? If it is someone or something, remember you cannot change what anyone or anything else is but you can shift your personal perspective. In fact, if you want to be happy, you must shift your own personal perspective. Even if someone or something else changes for you, it will not last because they were not born to please you. We sort of got off track at some point in humanity when we thought we could make others be different so we could feel better, when that did not work we created laws to try to make them. If we recognized we have the power within us to shift how we view our entire lives, we would never ask anyone else to be different so we can feel better. Many times, in fact almost always, we observe something that happens, offer a thought about it and rather than look toward a solution, we focus upon the problem. As long as we focus upon the problem, we will never be able to find the solution. The majority of humanity is problem oriented rather than solution oriented and in the creation of the life you truly desire, that is backwards.

We get what we predominately think about or the “vibrational essence” of it whether we want it or not, whether it is good for us or not. The universe does not discern if we want it or do not want it, we offer the thought/vibration and the Universe which loves us completely and unconditionally gives us exactly what we focus upon or think about predominately, because we have free-will we can choose to focus upon those things that do not feel good or shift to those things we prefer. This is why we must become more conscious of what we think about, the “tape” that plays over and over in our minds. This is the time of awakening which from my perspective means, we must begin to release those thoughts that no longer serve us or life will begin to feel….more and more uncomfortable. As you release resistance or stop thinking those thoughts which do not serve you, you will naturally begin to find your way “home” to you, why? Because THAT is your natural state of being it simply became weighted down with all of those thoughts that do not feel good.


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