Our Only Flaw

299676_426902314049581_1944087891_nHow many times do you walk around unconsciously or consciously talking down to yourself, believing the stories others have told you about yourself even if it does not resonate within, believing you are what you have experienced? We have all come from pure love, source energy, we came into these physical bodies knowing we would forget our brilliance under the veil of humanity for the experience of expansion for ourselves and all that is as we return to the LOVE we all are.

We spend all of our waking moments looking outside of ourselves for contentment, for love, for joy, for bliss. We believe a new lover will fill that void or one more pair of shoes will fill the void, as long as we continue to look outside of ourselves for the LOVE we desire, we will never be fully content. What we are looking for, what we spend every waking moment searching for is ourselves. We have come into these physical bodies to have the absolute pleasure of finding, knowing and exploring ourselves on deeper levels than we have ever experienced. All of the “stuff” we experience is purely for the opportunity of experiencing life, sorting through the experience, picking and choosing what we prefer from that experience, allowing those things we do not want to simply fall away and releasing it; finding our true essence, the LOVE we really are, the LOVE we are at the core of our being. All of that “stuff” that is happening is fodder, props in the movie of our lives and we get to choose what we hold onto, what we desire being within our lives. We never intended to hold into fear, shame, blame and guilt, many of us hold onto those negative emotions within our hearts and we become depressed, sad, angry and some in their bodies in the form of weight, I have done both. Who are you holding onto it for? It is time to release all that no longer serves you and experience and express the love you are, the brilliance you ARE, not for anyone else but for YOU to experience yourself fully and completely and as you do, you will then be the beacon for others to begin to experience the LOVE they are as well. What if our only flaw is that we have forgotten the LOVE we are at the core of our BEing? And what if, each and every one of us began to remember who we are?




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