It is a Choice!

2012-08-21_10-20-24_615I have a wonderful friend/cousin I have known most of my life, she is not a cousin really, by marriage yes, sort of the “honorary member(s) of the family”  many of us have. We do not speak often because life is busy for all of us, we live far from one another, we are at least a decade apart in age, give or take but she will call to get her “Tracie Fix” as she calls it. She likes to hear my voice and mentioned to me, “You are always so cheerful, I feel better thinking of you and you make me feel better just listening to you!” Such a lovely compliment for certain, I am honored she feels that way about me, we all need cheerleaders in life. When she asked why I am always so cheerful, I bluntly stated, “It is a choice!”

It allowed me the opportunity to ponder this question and answer which offered me even more clarity. I did not always recognize being happy is a choice which allowed me to recognize, perhaps many others do not realize we have this choice we can make to be happy or not. For nearly 30 years of my life I was happy when something or someone pleased me and grumpy, sad or complacent the rest of the time.

I went through a time of sadness, depression and despair when our youngest child was diagnosed with autism, a culmination of living life looking outside of myself for happiness which can never be sustained.  This was a profound turning point, recognizing I was the only one who can create, nurture and moment by moment “choose” to BE happy. While there is nothing wrong with observing anything outside of yourself to be happy, when you are able to recognize YOU have the power within you to create happiness for yourself, to nurture, sustain true contentment within, when life shows you something that is not pleasing you will not freak out because you will have the tools to shift your perspective once again! We intended to live a happy, joyful life coming into this physicality and anything less than that feels awful, knowing happiness is a choice, you will not need anyone or anything else to make you happy, set the intention to live a happy, joy-filled life and then look for all that is pleasing, working well and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. Make appreciation an ongoing prayer throughout your day, the ripple effect within your life experience will be amazing!



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  1. Yes!!!! Love your energy and choice, Tracie!!!

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