Alchemy with Self

551440_493798303989449_1632232816_nConsider this, when we are feeling good, in love, loving someone or something for no other reason than their existence; perhaps the reason it “feels” so wonderful is because we are in alignment with our inner being, our spirit, our soul, who we really are. We are in that moment, seeing through the eyes of God, Source or the Universe, viewing life through rose-colored glasses, gratitude, appreciation and positivity .

When we ponder anything that does not feel good, perhaps you would consider the reason we are feeling negative emotion is because we are not viewing the moment, person, place or thing as our inner being, soul, spirit is and the negative emotion is our ‘separation or departure’ from the opinion of our soul.

So, when we view our children as broken, disabled, when we deem others as inferior, less than or anything less than the LOVE we all are, this is the reason we feel so badly or experience negative emotion in our opinion or observation of them.
What if  you recognized things are going just right, we are all learning just as we planned and by focusing upon your desires for an improved version of your life experience you recognized, those things you do not want or life still exist but they are only there for you to understand and clarify what you really want and then you forget about them or let them fall away from your experience. Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know with more clarity what it is we DO want. The more you focus on what you do want and how wonderful it will feel living this experience, coupled with appreciation of life, it must come to you.
This, is what I know for certain within.
Love and allowing,
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. I keep a note in my desk to remind myself if I feel bad I’m out of alignment. Thanks for the reminder to remember that when I’m at home with my kids, too.

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