A Simple Difference in Perspecitve

tinywhiteflowersPerspective how I love thee. We have trees that line part of our street, I do not know what they are called but the buds seemingly burst white, tiny flowers overnight. As they begin to lose the petals, it looks like snow flurries blowing around in the air and on the street, just beautiful!
I look forward to them every year, it is like natures magic to me. I will stop while outside just to watch this brief show nature puts on for me.

Today, a new neighbor was walking his dog and we said “Hello”. Perhaps in an effort to create small talk he spoke about these trees, “What a mess these trees make!” He saw these little snow flurry type petals as a “mess” and apparently they have a smell that is not so pleasurable. I LOVE them and I have never had an opportunity to smell anything other than the lovely air I breathe outdoors. Perhaps I might suggest it is because I only “see” the beauty of them?

I so appreciate we each have our own perspective and we get to choose what we see and how we feel about it! This does not make my perspective correct and his perspective wrong, it is simply a difference in opinion. I get to continue to choose to see the beauty of these trees and their lovely petals no matter what any one else believes and law of attraction will continue to show me the beauty I so appreciate.

LOVE and appreciating beauty everywhere,



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  1. A great example of the difference that having a positive perspective makes.

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