Cultivating Imagination

525311_562079027145503_400573443_n“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert EinsteinWe were given our imaginations to dream our lives into being. Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what we do want. In order to get from where we are to where we desire BEing we must dream it, imagine it, ponder it, so much so we can feel the energy of who we are move through us.

Let us instill within our children the beauty and pleasure of imagining and daydreaming. It is a natural part of us which gives birth to our desires and assists in the manifestation of our dreams.

Today, I am going to pretend we are living here in this quaint house.
I can hear the birds chirping in the distance, I relish the sound of a babbling brook softly dancing nearby, I hear the songs of the frogs, the serenade of crickets. I can smell the fire burning in our fireplace, the sweet smell of the grasses and the air is sweet, fresh and nourishes every cell of my body.
Perhaps I am making a hearty soup or broth over a fire, full of flavor from herbs grown within my garden just outside, the smell of bread nearing perfection in the oven right next to the fire.

Dream, dream, dream, imagine, imagine, imagine.
Take time to have a conversation with your child/children about their dreams. Spend time, even five minutes, longer if you are able pretending, contemplating some magical adventure. If you have never done this before, recognize it may be slow going at first, it may take time to stimulate the imagination which has been unknowingly suppressed by life.~ ♥

In LOVE, Appreciation and imagination, Tracie

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  1. A great quote, with a post to match.

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