Do you think it will work for me?

gratitude journalI met a lovely lady at the senior center nearly a year ago, she always seemed teary, shy, quiet, uncertain of herself, sort of a wallflower type. I always did/do my best when I visit, to say hello and include her in discussions when she is near. I found out her dear husband of 50 years passed away nearly two years ago, this explained a lot to me, the tears, seclusion, sadness. Some of my friends know about my positive thought work, facilitating the awareness within others that they too can live a truly authentic, happy life. A happy life is not something for a handful of people, you do not need to be born that way, it is a decision, a choice. As children, we remembered how to be happy and through living life, we slowly learned how to worry, focus on problems and expect life to be hard. Since the Universe loves and adores us, it will give us exactly what we expect, if we expect life to be hard, it will be. If we expect life to be blissful, it will be! When we recognize we have this power within to shift our thoughts, our expectations, our emotions, when something comes up that does not feel good, we know we are able to change how we focus or view this discomfort but it is something you must practice.

One day she and I had a conversation about my depression, although I am not a doctor, I have been in the depths of despair and found a way out. Do I still have difficult days? Sometimes but they are rare because I know how to shift my perspective, so I know within, with everything I AM that this works. I am also very aware, it is up to each of us whether or not we decide we want to live a life that feels better.

When I work with someone, I typically begin with having people learn to appreciate things within their lives. It sounds incredibly simple but when you are not accustomed to being grateful and appreciating things within life, it can indeed be very difficult to get going. Like trying to listen to a radio station when your radio is tuned to a different station, you will not be able to hear the desired station unless you tune to it. She would ask me each time she saw me if I thought it would work for her? “Tracie, do you think this could work for me?” “I’m an old gal, I am not certain this will work.” I always replied, “I know it works, do you believe it will work for you?” Long term happiness is not something you can purchase in the way the majority of the population is accustomed. Yes, you can hire someone to teach you but even the best teacher or facilitator in the world cannot create in your life experience, you must be the one who shifts your perspective.

After a few months of occasional discussions about being grateful and finding things to appreciate, knowing due to her curiosity she was definitely interested, I purchased a little journal for this sweet lady with a pretty pen to match. I gifted it to her with simple instructions and reminded her, she had to be the one to write those things she appreciates and really feel the emotions of gratitude.

She has found her rhythm in appreciating her life, so much so, she filled up her journal I gifted to her and she recently purchased a new journal. She is no longer teary every time she visits the center, she is very happy, jokes with her fellow senior friends and has begun to take senior trips as well. It truly seems like she has found a new way of BEing within her life and she did it! If you desire your life to feel or be different than what you are living, begin by appreciating life in your now.

My love, Tracie


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  1. Linda Redinius

    Very nice Tracie. Love you honey.

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