Don’t take it personally ~

8508e7df55c6236278b26a558dc76966Please take a moment to BE in stillness, be in the silence, be in quiet, even if it is for 20 or 30 seconds at a time at least once a day, working your way up to a few times a day.
I recognize this is difficult, especially in the early days of autism or any situation you find yourself in.  I liken it to the analogy of being on a plane with your child. The oxygen masks come down and if you want to make certain your child receives oxygen, you MUST place the mask upon yourself first or you will pass out before you can place the mask upon your child.

Take a moment to calm, find a second of peace, balance, become mindful, once you practice this, you will observe the positive effect you will have on others around you and once you master this, you will become the “calm” within a storm.
When you begin to witness a moment in time where your child is having great discomfort, or whenever you are having a moment you do not wish to witness, observe or be in, you will not take it personally, you will recognize this isn’t happening to you, it is an opportunity to BE the love you were born to BE.
Does this mean once you master this, it will never happen again? No, this is an opportunity for you to become masterful in in the moment while in human form.
My LOVE ~ ♥


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