Just Allow ~

249211_629310430418995_1013920714_nI appreciate signs that show up and the gentle nudge within to remind me of the perfect understanding, in the perfect moment, remembering there is always the abundant flow of well-being. We are either allowing it with our positive thoughts and appreciation or we are looking toward the problems in our life which creates negative emotion within us which then slows the well-being down. No one else has the ability to create within our experience unless we include their opinion for a long enough period of time it then becomes our belief which then must manifest in our experience.

This morning after taking the children to school, stopping at the grocery store for weekend supplies, I walked past this fern in our front yard. It is just about ready to unfurl when the sun warms it just right. I am not worried about this fern, I recognize there is a natural order to all things and when this fern is ready, it will unfurl and show off it’s beauty. What if we could begin, moment by moment, thought by thought to understand this happens with all things, for ALL of us?

Everything that comes up in life is a choice point, an opportunity for you to make a decision for yourself to feel better or not, to allow well-being or not, the choice is completely up to you because of we have free will. No one else can create within your experience unless you allow their opinion into your moment in time, certainly they have the ability to influence your thoughts but as more and more people become aware of this we will begin to truly understand our own creative power within our lives. We, each individual person has the ability to direct their own thoughts and life will respond, showing you the direction you are focusing.

Does that mean life will then be perfect forevermore? No, it will continue to be the wonderful opportunity to take what comes into your now moment to create the life you desire living. As you practice making your choices, always leaning in the direction of what feels best within you, for you, you will begin to find your natural balance of well-being. Once you find this natural balance of well-being, you will not worry or try to make anything happen. You will begin to truly understand the natural order of life, of nature, of the Universe. We ALL have access to the Divine, to God, the Universe, All that is and we meant coming forth into these beautiful physical bodies to continue our connection by allowing well-being to flow. The presence of well-being is there waiting for you to discover it, the acceleration of your awareness is dependent upon your ability to allow it or not.

Allowing in this moment, Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. You have such a positive outlook on life. Every time I read your posts I feel better. Thank you. (:

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