The Art to Unconditional Love ~

spring-flowers-hd-wallpaper“No one wants to be held hostage to your dependency upon them for your happiness.
We create our own happiness, period.
Let everyone else off the hook, not one person can bend over backwards enough to make you happy all the time and if you are waiting to be happy until they do, you will never be happy.
If you need them to be or do or act a certain so you can feel better, you are practicing conditional love and this never, ever works out well in your favor!”
(paraphrasing Abraham)

I LOVE this.
My children have and continue teaching me the art of practicing Unconditional love.
I feel fortunate that I have always practiced parenting in this way; at this stage with three teenagers, because it has been a mindful practice of mine, when I speak something that is conditional, my children call me out on it!

I LOVE that because, I being beautifully human, fall back into those old patterns of wanting others to be or act a certain so I can feel better and it is not up to them.
It is up to ME!
LOVE unconditionally,
Tracie ~ ♥


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