Release Fear ~

RAYS OF LIGHT FROM HEAVENI am feeling such clarity in this moment about releasing fear…..

Last evening I spoke with parents of a sweet 5-year-old little boy, diagnosed with autism; as they spoke about him it was obvious the love they have for this sweet little boy and their desire to support him in all ways.

One of my passions is spending time with the senior population as well, some of my senior friends are in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is apparent the children and family of these seniors love their parents, grandparents and the desire they share to support them in all ways.

The common thread between them is the fear of the unknown. Now, think about why we may dislike another person, place, country, religion, sexual orientation and why we place judgment upon them. At the core, at the basis is fear. It takes shape in many forms, fear of the unknown, fear that their lifestyle will impact yours, the list of possibilities is long and none of them feel good while we contemplate them. We use a myriad of reasons why we dislike another, politics, race, nationality, a difference of religion. Growing up I was taught by well-meaning adults to fear God and yet the God I know and love within my heart shows me, guides me and directs me to LOVE! As a young girl, I felt confusion at the relationship I felt with God that was nothing but love and the polar opposite I was taught within church and school of the fear I should be feeling. Anything other than LOVE feels awful within.

When we understand fully, no one can create within your life experience unless we give attention to or allow the life of another, their beliefs or opinions to matter to us, you recognize fear is bogus, it is a distraction from being the LOVE you were born to BE! Choosing to be the LOVE you came from, the LOVE you will return to and the LOVE you ARE while in physical form is a choice only you can make. It is time to release fear, to give up all of the excuses and BE LOVE!


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