It’s AWEtism

148168_originalI see the diagnosis of Autism a little bit differently than the majority.
I spell it differently as well.
I see Awetism as an ability.
I see Awetism as an advantage.
I see those diagnosed with what many may call a dis-Ability as teachers.

They are our little masters, teaching each and every person they come into contact with an evolved way of being.
As more and more people become aware of their purpose, they will not have such difficult behaviors to make their lessons known because the awareness of mass consciousness will have shifted enough in our own understanding.

We as parents, teachers and therapists do not need to wait for the vast majority to come to this understanding in order to interact, observe and learn from this population.
In fact, the sooner your awareness blooms, finding your way into their world on their terms, this creates the space for more understanding to blossom for ALL.

This is how evolution takes place, more and more people hold it within their consciousness and the ripple effect is amazing ~ ♥ ~ ♥


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