Appreciating the Mundane

sexy-wife1I am a wife to a wonderful guy, the mother of three great children, completely biased of course, our youngest child happens to have autism among his many talents. I have been down the path of insecurity, judgment, fear, trying to do better than others, be better than others, feeling like a victim of life or the circumstances until depression took hold in a big way more than a decade ago. I knew if I were to continue living, I was not about to live life in the same mindset I was practicing the first 30 years of my life. I set the intention to find more meaning within my life. I could not understand why I was feeling depressed, I was/am married to a great guy, we enjoy a loving, fun, content relationship and I have had the pleasure of knowing him most of my life. We created three children together we both love and adore and are incredibly proud of all of them, so why was I not authentically happy? There was happiness on the surface but something was missing…. When I spoke with my doctor about this, his response was, “I hear that exact story from so many.” He gave me a prescription and sent me on my way.

I began diligently searching for a different way of living, thinking and BEing. Although I did not see it in this way at that time, I sent out a call to the Universe for answers, Ask and it IS Given. Pieces of information began to show up for me, sort of like the path lighting up…..following the yellow brick road. I began to appreciate my life, I admit it was difficult in the beginning. When you are not accustomed to purposefully and mindfully appreciating moments, people or circumstances within life, it will take practice.

There are few people who like doing chores around the home but I do my best to shift how I view this task as well. As I fold laundry, rather than complain about the amount of laundry for a family of five, I appreciate those who wear the clothing. Rather than complaining about cleaning the house, I appreciate the home our family lives in and the ability to keep the space we share comfortable. Instead of complaining about dropping off or picking up our children from school and extracurricular activities or complaining about the price of gas, I cherish my ability to do so because they grow up far too quickly and will not always need me on a daily basis. Rather than complaining about the price of groceries or paying bills, I appreciate having the money to purchase things we enjoy using on a daily basis and the life we live, I appreciate having the money to pay our bills with ease.

By shifting our view of the tasks we must perform on a daily basis, we begin to shift the direction our life is heading. Rather than living in frustration and burden, we can live life in joy and bliss. Each and every moment, this is a choice for you to make.It turns out, appreciating the mundane is actually where the zest of life truly and authentically is. We cannot enjoy a happy ending if we are not happy along the way.

Love, Tracie



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    Advice I need to hear often…

  2. I call finding the path, ” following the breadcrumbs.” I have a granddaughter with Autism who has been an incredible gift to all of us. I like to think that children with dis ABILITIES are angels who volunteer to come to earth to teach us how to love.

    I love your illustrations of the ever smiling woman doing housework in a dress. I married in the fifties before the jean revolution…..probably wasn’t smiling, but did wear a dress.

    Thanks for reminding us that attitude is a choice.

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    I appreciate the knowledge within. There is no reason to search outside of ourselves for answers, we hold them within. I appreciate learning from…myself. ^.^

  4. karenwilliams538171610

    A beautiful reminder, Tracie. As Abe says, every subject is two subjects, and every stick can be picked up by the bad-feeling end or the good-feeling end. It’s up to us.

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