Our Collective Call

Blaze of LightThe Lamps are different,
but the Light is the same. ~ Rumi

Each and every one of us are different. Just like there are not two snowflakes alike, there are no two humans alike; even identical twins are not exactly the same although many qualities are similar. For generations we have labored under the illusion that we are supposed to be exactly the same and anyone who is different is considered a rebel, a troublemaker, a misfit, a square peg society tried to pound into a round hole. We all did our best to try and be exactly like one another, acquiescing to others and society in the name of fitting in as to not be labeled as an outcast, taunted, ridiculed or tormented. Rules and laws were made by those who desired keeping everyone in line, in check and we were taught we as an individual and collective could not be trusted to make our own decisions about our own well-being. No one wanted to be different or act different because no one wanted to be ridiculed or made fun of by so-called friends who would call them out on it. In essence we gave up our uniqueness, who we are at the core of our being for all the wrong reasons.

We as a humanity sent out a collective call to the Universe, All that is or that which I call God, on an unconscious level so we could return to our uniqueness, our individuality and our prayers have been answered. Many souls began coming forth in the past one hundred plus years who were different, those who had physical or mental disabilities were swept away into sanitariums, hidden from society, some families were so fearful of being ridiculed, a family member was never acknowledged again and forgotten. Some came forth as gay but even then it was something that was easily hidden, swept away. When I think of Old Hollywood actors who were gay, knew they were gay but were fearful of being ridiculed, they did their best to hide who they were just to fit in. To this day, we still argue and ridicule others for who they are and if we cannot stop them from being who they are or living their life in a way that is completely natural to them as the air we ALL breath, we are doing our best not to allow them to live life in a way that is pleasing by law, passing judgment upon them.

It seems so completely appropriate this writing of mine is being composed on World Autism Day, because from my perspective, there is an entire generation of souls coming forth determined not to conform in the way all of us have for generations. There are those with Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, Auditory and Processing Disorders and a myriad of other ‘labels’ all of which at their core simply allow them an opportunity to BE unique. We as a society are having a difficult time making them conform, we are still trying, doing our best and some will conform to keep the peace and yet more are being born, demanding change.

This is something ongoing that is taking place and just as we recognize a toddler must gain their balance in order to walk, we understand a child goes through growing pains as do many adults, so too will we experience some growing pains as we as a humanity evolve.  Our evolution is never-ending, we are constantly growing as a humanity and individually, it is the mantra of the Universe, more, more, more, more. Always fine-tuning. As we relax in this awareness, perhaps we can allow our own uniqueness to surface with ease and allow others the opportunity to BE who they were born to BE.

My love, Tracie


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