Another Connor Perspecitve ~

TypingSeeing, feeling, knowing through Connor’s Perspective, so much fun ~

I was sitting with my computer writing, (which is actually typing) one of my favorite things to do especially when words flow quickly from within).
I have acrylic nails because they make my hands feel pretty.
I was in a great “allowing” mode which means I was typing fast while words flowed.

Connor came over to me and sat directly across from me without saying anything, just watching me, he began giggling.
I stopped or slowed my typing to look at him, still he said nothing, simply observing my hands on my computer.
I started typing once again followed by him giggling and then he said, “Mom, that tickles!”
I LOVE having this access to his way of seeing, feeling, knowing life.
Nothing is exactly as we may think and that is such a wonderful way of BEing.
To be open enough to view life through his perspective!


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  1. Our Hadley has such a rich sensual experience of the physical world. Long before she learned to put sounds together to communicate, she would notice and copy perfectly a myriad of sounds around the house and outside. But the flip side was the agony a cacophony of loud sounds caused her.
    Learning to visualize literally things I read or sayings I hear has opened up a hilarious view of the world for me, but also insight into how confusing they are to someone with Autism.
    It’s kind of like being Alice in Wonderland.

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