Parenting through my heart

Connorsbirthday 025This morning, Connor and I went and did a few errands together, we do this quite often…
I let him know where we need to go, what we need to do and the sequence of events, I am anticipating (make no mistake, it helps me as well), we shift and change what is needed as something new comes about because routine is still important but when he is aware, there is great ease.

I am smiling at this stage because I used to hate (with a lot of emotion attached to the hate) going out to the store with Connor, I anticipated all of the struggle, resistance, noise, anxiety within him and ME.
We are on a journey and it is and has been a lovely unfolding because I do my best to give up the struggle. When I hold on too tight, Connor always beautifully reflects this within me.
It is an art to allowing, giving permission to the brain/ego to release control and parent mindfully through the heart but I can say it is well worth the little effort to do so.
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. I love that idea, Tracie, of our children letting us know in many ways when we are trying to control them too much. It is an art and it takes lots of mindful practice. ❤

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