More than words ~

Summer2012 083We communicate SO much more with our energy, vibration and action than we could ever with our words.
So many of my wonderful parent friends often ask, “When will my child be able to speak?” I just want to hear the words “I Love You”
I was once there, I fully remember the strong desire for hearing Connor’s words and to hear confirmation that this child loved his mommy. From my now perspective I can reassure you, there is SO much more communication going on in addition to our verbal language.
Would you be willing for just a little while, to allow your child relief from YOUR desire or pressure to BE different and allow him/her to be quiet, still and silent without requesting, hoping or desiring to hear words?
This is a BIG question to take a moment and ask yourself quietly within because often we will give a quick, knee jerk response because we want to answer in a way we believe others want to hear from us when in reality, we just really, really, really want to hear our child speak. If you can contemplate this thought for a moment, really feel what it feels like to release the strong desire you hold; contemplation of this does not mean you are letting go of a dream of hearing your precious child, contemplation of releasing this desire, this request or hope actually creates the space for your child to grow. When we need someone to be, do or act differently, this energetic response is like a vacuuming sucking all of the air out of a plastic bag, when we contemplate or stop the desire for just a little while, it is like turning the vacuum off and allows more space to be created.

We are fine-tuning who we are my friends. Our children are teaching us but we as their parents, teachers, grandparents and aides need to be willing to be open to their teachings. The status-quo will no longer do and if you or we continue to try to make it happen, we will be hit with resistance over and over.

Please contemplate what it feels like to allow your child to BE for just a little while, not for me but for you and your child. You truly may begin to find something magical that comes about.

My LOVE, Tracie



  1. Your insights have been very helpful in my therapeutic work with children who have autism.

  2. Wonderful example of the paradox of freeing others to grow by letting go. Variations on a theme of dying in order to live, getting free of needing, in order to love.

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