My happiness is my work

539634_579841075369298_1536672991_nIt so important that our children are told they are not responsible for our happiness.

I have had a day that was not as positive as I prefer living my life.
I appreciate my ability to recognize this and lower my expectations for myself and others to create as much ease within my day as possible.
Our middle child is very intuitive, because of this he can sense when something is not right or comfortable, especially with me.
Recognizing I was not feeling great, he tried several times to do things to create more ease for his mom which is a lovely gesture to be certain.
I told him how much I appreciated him and his thoughtfulness but that it was my work to make myself feel better and then I set about to create this change within myself.

I feel it is so important for our children to know they are not responsible for our happiness because to place this task upon them would be the practice of conditional love.
It is then equally important to show them how to love ourselves enough to do the work it takes to bring ourselves back into balance and alignment with ease and grace.
These are tools for life that will serve all of us extremely well.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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