Evolution loveI cannot help but recognize our children diagnosed with autism are teaching all of us how we must focus upon the “whole” child in order to create a calm, mindful way of being within the classroom and at home. I have learned unequivocally I must be mindful and authentic in my interactions with Connor, if I am not, I observe things are not going smoothly in the moment or moments that follow. Our son Connor is benefiting within the classroom because they “must” focus upon the whole child or else it would not be fun for anyone.

It is my perspective this is why there is a “boom” if you will in those coming forth diagnosed with autism, part of our evolution.

Our other two children do not have the opportunity of this same focus because they are not diagnosed with a so-called disability and are feeling the lack of passion in learning because of it, going through the motions because they must.

I would so love to see a revolution of LOVE, shifting perspectives, creating a mindful way of teaching within our schools, teaching new parents a mindful way of parenting and BEing in the moment with their children, meditation within the school day as they begin, or at home to create a sense balance within which also supports their well-being, teaching focus and celebrating this entire generation of teachers. We the parents can and will be the ones to create this change.

My love, Tracie


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