Finding the “feeling” place

292120_367523296643558_122665381129352_1037444_501984605_nWe as a humanity are always looking forward to the next best thing, a bigger home, a new lover, more money, a better job or simply finding what makes them happier in their daily lives. The majority wait to ‘feel’  better when they actually see and feel their desire manifest and it is seen by everyone else around them, then they know for certain what they desire is real. In other words, they have to “see it to believe it”. Becoming deliberate about creating the life you desire living requires us to shift our focus from what we observe/live in our current now reality to finding the feeling place/space of where we desire moving toward. We must learn to “feel it”, “know it and “eagerly anticipate” it to believe and then see it!

This is something we are all fine-tuning and I am no exception to this process of desiring and finding more clarity. I adore my senior friends and have for years volunteered within my community to assist the senior population. I recently accepted a part-time position to work with them. It doesn’t feel much like work because I am doing exactly what I have always done, interacting with my senior friends except now I get paid to have fun. I am a busy, busy girl, I have a wonderful husband, three incredible teenage children, I speak with and work with parents of children with disabilities, those with autism are near and dear to my heart since our youngest child has autism. I write all of my ponderings and conclusions about life experience and how I move through situations that are less than comfortable and how I find my own clarity. I still volunteer with the senior community and when this position was offered to me, my wonderful, sweet husband asked me if I was certain I wanted to take on another “role”? In all certainty, I was not certain but I thought, let’s see how it goes, it is only a few extra hours a week, it is more of what I already love to do and it all happened so effortlessly. I literally felt like I stepped into a position close to my heart, doing what I love with people I love and adore, I am getting paid for doing what I have always loved to do but volunteered my time for and although I was adding something to my plate of things to do, I have never been happier! In fact, I want more……somehow, some way, I desire finding more time in my own schedule to be with my senior friends more often while maintaining my own balance.

Here is what I have discovered thus far, when I get ready to go to this new position, I feel like I step into a new suit and a sparkly one at that. Everything I wear must have sparkle on it, I recognize this sounds like such a girl thing but there is SO much more to it than that. It is as if the sparkle I am wearing on the outside matches how I feel on the inside. I have met the most incredible people, not just within the senior population but those who also work in the same location. The feeling I have while I get ready to go, the feeling I have upon entering the community, the feeling I feel bubble up from my heart and overflow with a smile I cannot wipe off my face. When I am not there, I wonder what all of my friends are doing and I am quite honestly gobsmacked at my life because it has become and continues to become so flippin’ amazing.

THIS is how we intended to live life coming forth but somewhere along the way, I am certain with the influence of others from generations that came before us, we began to believe the false belief that – “Life is supposed to be a struggle”, “If we work really, really hard, then we will be deserving of a good life.” “If things don’t go well for you in your life, don’t worry, you will receive your rewards in Heaven” – I bought into all of those beliefs at one time. In reality life is not supposed to be hard or a struggle, it is supposed to be as amazing and effortless as this experience I am experiencing is. We are ALL deserving of a magnificent life and we do not have to wait until we croak to be rewarded. As we practice the feeling place of all we desire, as we focus upon how amazing our life is, focus upon how it will feel to live in our new home, focus upon how amazing it will feel when we find the person who will complement our life beautifully. Focus upon the feeling, not how you will get it, simply focus with eager anticipation, (like the feeling we have when we get to go to Disneyland) focus upon the delicious feeling place/space and appreciate how good it feels before it is/has manifested, you will be amazed at what life will show you. Find the feeling place of what you desire and practice the feeling as often as you are able, show yourself your creative power within!

My Love in joyous appreciation, Tracie ~


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