What you can control!

3575_383164061799392_415298475_nSo much happens within our world and we do not have control over it, it leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless.
We live in the world with too many others not to observe things that are unwanted. We can observe it and take the emotional hit, feel sadness, anger and many other negative emotions.
That does not mean we have to marinate in a negative emotional soup; nor do we need to keep glued to the news under the pretense of staying informed. In fact, the more you observe anything that creates a negative emotion within you, the more energy you unconsciously add to all that us unwanted.

I would like to invite you to shift your focus from worry and anger to anything that feels better as soon as you are able.
Whenever we worry or feel concern, it is like praying for something you do not want to have happen.
This is the time of awakening, we are being given an opportunity to pick and choose the type of world we desire living in. Whenever we know what we do not want by what we observe or live, we ALWAYS know with greater clarity what it is we DO want to live. When you observe unwanted, shift your focus to what it is you DO want and focus upon that.

You have full control over the direction of your thoughts, your thoughts affect your beliefs and your beliefs have a direct effect upon the life you live.
You get to choose my friends.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. I do believe this. Or at least it’s true for me when my mood isn’t swinging too much. The ability to shift my thoughts is one I’m just coming to in life. I’m doing my best to focus on the positive.

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