Perpetuating Fear?

424845_355926567760751_1678552473_nOur local high school recently had an event showing teens the harsh reality of drunk driving.

“The program simulates a drunk driving accident in high school parking lots and appears shockingly realistic. “Victims,” bruised and scarred with makeup, are taken away on stretchers while their peers observe.

Throughout the day, every 15 minutes, a masked character known as the “Grim Reaper” pulls selected students out of class, symbolizing that student’s death. A police officer then reads an obituary, written by the student’s parents, to the class. For the following 24 hours, that student must remain silent — no phone calls, no texting, no speaking — as if he or she had died.

The events show teens what the consequences could be if they were to drink — or text — and drive. It is the program’s goal to teach kids that although their peers “come back to life” after 24 hours, in the real world, they may not be so lucky.”

From my perspective as a parent, I understand the desire to keep our children safe, no parent should ever feel the gut wrenching pain of burying their child especially when they die due to circumstances we believe could be prevented. As a young girl, I was shown many fear based teachings in school to try to keep me on track, to fear God in this life so I could be with him in heaven when I die. To not have sex before marriage because it was “bad” to do so and God forbid if you get pregnant before you get married and many other reasons to be a good person and fear the unknown.

From my now perspective, I do not acquiesce to these fear based teachings and when uncertainty comes into my mind upon hearing anything that does not sit right, I do my best to find more clarity which is ever-evolving. When I heard about this day our two high school aged teens would be witnessing, I was not happy about the fact they would be exposed to this fear-based consciousness which produced a negative emotion within me. I sat with this for a while because I was desiring more clarity about why I felt negative emotion? Was it because I was wrong in how I viewed this? Is fear something acceptable to keep everyone in line? Was it because I did not want our children to participate in and add energy to pushing against drunk driving? Was it because I was trying to protect or shield our children from including this tragic observation in their own lives?

I am wise enough to recognize I cannot be there for every waking moment of our children’s lives so I knew my place was not to shield them or keep them away from witnessing or observing this demonstration but to empower them. To give them more clarity about what they are witnessing and to use this as a moment in time to allow them what emotions they can choose while observing something that is unwanted. To recognize a choice-point they must decide whether to include within their thought patterns or release and focus upon the well-being that surrounds them. It is my desire, our desire as the parents of these three children to empower them and offer them the opportunity to recognize they can choose what they buy into in all things not just these 24 hours being orchestrated by many well-meaning people. To empower this generation with the clarity of their own being rather than focusing upon fear, giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions about how they feel about circumstances will serve them incredibly well should they find themselves in a situation only they can make for themselves and for us as parents to trust the brilliance of our own children….



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