Our Cells Hear What We Broadcast

562520_507337315969881_1667648364_n“Your cells broadcast who you are. You carry a huge energetic sign in your energy field by frequency and telepathy. Your cells also hear all your thoughts conscious, subconscious and unconscious, and as a result are constantly modulating themselves to send out the exact signal for what you want.” Sacred Geometry

I love this because I have been thinking, seeing, recognizing and experiencing how our energy signature and the interactions with each other, the “imprint” we leave on others as we interact. It is like an imprint or stamp as we experience the interaction and then I observe a ripple effect from the interaction and watch as the ripples express outward intersecting with everyone else. Words pale in comparison but I am OK with that as well. ♥
We are truly entering a new age of seeing, feeling and knowing so much more than what we experience with our 5 physical senses.

Which is why, when we carry negative thoughts no matter how small or big those negative thoughts are, as we hold them within our minds, conscious, in the subconscious or unconsciously, those who carry the discomfort within will eventually manifest dis-ease or a disease within them. It isn’t because you are bad or unlucky or unloved or not worthy of well-being, it is because you are broadcasting negative emotion within your being…….Do you see?

Love, Tracie ~ ♥


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