A Path of Least Resistance

tumblr_l8zg0d0jrX1qa9omho1_500As a wife, mother, daughter, friend and facilitator of positive thought, I do my best to be as authentic as possible. I try to walk the walk and talk the talk and when something comes up that doesn’t feel good, I typically turn inward and sort and sift through it, allowing myself to come to more clarity about it before I respond or react. I am however, beautifully human and sometimes react in a moment something arises which catches me off guard.

I went to the store with our son this morning before his doctor’s appointment. A woman driving a really, really nice car which I admired, cut us off as we walked towards our car to which I yelled, “Pedestrians have the right away, first thing you learn in driving school!” Our teenage son burst out laughing and asked what happened to his “Zen” mother? I told him, “Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the get it off your chest and then have an awesome day!”

In a perfect world I would have taken that moment, recognized I did not appreciate having anyone cut us or anyone else off as they/we are walking and they were driving which is knowing what I do not want; come to clarity of my desire to live in a kinder world and then focused upon that, looking for evidence of this kinder world I seek.  We laughed about it afterward and I explained to my son, in that moment, which caught me off guard, and to which I recognize and admit I was a cooperative component to as well, which means I must have been practicing a thought pattern/vibration of others not being kind to me all the time and then met up with someone who showed me evidence of this thought pattern. What we think and believe, our dominant thoughts/vibrations we have playing in our minds, consciously or unconsciously, always show up in our experience. There is nothing wrong with reacting immediately to something that surprises you. It felt better in that moment to express my discomfort rather than taking it inward and trying to mold it into a better feeling thought then and there. Rather than feeling embarrassed about the fact that our teenage son, “caught me” not being authentic or the perfect mom, I used it as an opportunity to show him my thought process, remind him we are all human beings with a range of emotions, giving him tools as well when an experience comes about that does not feel good in the moment and then, release it!

We knew coming forth we would not live a perfect live nor should we be looking, expecting or are expected to be perfect in this life experience, we are here to sort and sift through life experiences. By knowing what we do not want or like, we always know with more clarity what we do want or desire; then taking the path of least resistance.

My love, Tracie


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