Overlapping Energy

waterRipplesWe are all in a constant state of motion, physically, emotionally as well as our learning process.
As a parent I am as open and honest as I can be about knowing the answer or looking for the solution if I am unaware of it when our children ask!
“The noise of the World drowns out the voice of God”

Our 15 year old son has been asking a lot of questions about the “chatter” going on in his mind. He told me he feels like his mind is constantly working, a feeling I have noticed within myself as of late as well. From my perspective it is time for all of us to begin living from the heart and allow our brilliant minds to relax as often as we can remember to shift from the the mind chatter to the LOVE within the heart.

I told him I so appreciate his awareness because it is a reminder for me that I need to calm my own mind and come into balance within as well.
Our children and those who surround us are such wonderful reflections of what we have going on within. Our energy(s) overlap, crisscross or intersect just as the ripple effect in two drops of water in a pond so it makes perfect sense we were both contemplating or reaching for the same solution at the same time. While quieting the mind or chatter can be challenging, it is well worth allowing the silence to be our dominant intention.


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