Their Curious Nature

22801_162487507230077_1404250503_nSo often we do our best to try and protect our precious children from something that may be uncomfortable or hurtful; this is our natural, parental nature.
Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what we do want.
At our core, it is part of our magnificent expansion, the reason why we are here is to sift, sort and discern all we desire within our lives.
I am not speaking of merely physical manifestations, homes, cars, jobs, a spouse, etc. although that is inevitable; but the kind of people we desire becoming and sharing life with.

We all learn who we want to become by the experiences we live and then move toward.
Of course you want your child to be safe but perhaps I might suggest you take a step back and allow your child his/her curious nature to explore and become all he/she wants to become.
In this way, they learn how to balance their own vibration/nature/abilities.
Happy Sunday Blissful Hearts ~

Love, Tracie


1 Comment

  1. I love children’s curiosity! I find it almost magical. I stare in amazement at times as they go about looking, touching, smelling, listening, and asking questions.

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