Appreciating Ease and Grace

988648_275494095929417_565507094_nI was just contemplating going to an Abraham-Hicks workshop, their teachings have had a profound impact on my life, facilitating my awareness, growth, remembrance and knowing within that is undeniable, no question whatsoever.
As I made breakfast I contemplated what question I would ask if I were in the hot seat? (being able to ask a question I desire knowing the answer to)
I searched my mind, questions I once held…..

questions about our son with autism…. which have been answered fully within…
questions about our middle son with the possibility of undiagnosed aspergers…. have been answered fully within…….
questions about why me?……. have been answer fully within…. remembering all I have lived for the past 43 years, the joy as well as the heartache has allowed me to become more fully who I am today.
I basked in the moment as I had the recognition, the realization, the appreciation….I do not have a “burning” question that I “need” to have answered.

I recognize questions I have held have been answered either by another which resonates within and/or I have come to clarity about them within.
There is a releasing of the “hold” on needing something answered and yet I am not impertinent enough to know I “know” it all right here right now.
But I know enough right here, right now to recognize the feeling of ease.
That is what I wish for all.
Grace and ease, to live and love life, knowing everything will work out for the best and our work is to find that sweet spot between knowing what we desire and resting in ease as well, to allow it to come to us, to show, present itself to us.
A soft, sweet, gentle flutter of knowing I am right there, seeing my physical life through the eyes of source, of God, just as I intended coming forth.

What more of an incredible gift could I have allowed within my life and I cannot think of a more magnificent example to display/express to our children.
My infinite love unto you,
Tracie ~ ♥


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