Allowing and then Releasing

375778_437966109556796_1682585312_nIt seems to be a theme as I speak with friends most recently about thoughts of fear or worry coming up and then the question, “What do I do?” I too have recently experienced something come up, minor yes but I simply forgot to hone or mold it into place the way I have become practiced in. I appreciate now that I am a few days away from that discomfort, I remember the beauty in what I experienced. Just because I forgot while it was taking place, I have now come out on the other side with remembering/understanding the beauty of allowing a new experience, even if it is uncomfortable at first, to offer me more clarity about what I DO desire within my life. “In the big picture”, as one of my dear friends would say, it doesn’t “really matter”, but in the moment, I simply forgot of my own ability to direct my thoughts.

Contrast, variety or things we may believe or deem are “going wrong” or are undesirable are supposed to happen, did you know that? How could any of us experiencing this wonderful life know with more clarity what we DO want if life did not show us what we DO NOT want? We need one in order to reap the benefits of the other. It is only when we continually focus upon the unwanted that we begin to experience a life that becomes a struggle, uncomfortable, hard, negative, we begin to believe we are unlucky, born under a sign of disadvantage or anything else that feels awful as we ponder it. These negative thoughts held within can create the feelings of despair, depression, feeling manic and can ultimately result in a physical ailment we did not purposefully/consciously intend. When we worry or hold fear within, it is like planning a future event which will not be pleasing to us when we “get there”.  Appreciating life, all of those things that are going well more of the time, the pendulum will swing and we will begin to see, feel and know our power within to create and mold our life we desire.

Blissfully, Tracie


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